Monday, February 4, 2013

"You Complete Me"

What does it mean when God said He would make a "help meet" or "helper" for Adam?  Does it imply that women are less important or insignificant?  Does it mean that man is weak and can't make it without a woman?  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In Genesis 2 we see a glimpse of perfect life in the garden. God placed Adam in the garden, told him to tend to it, and put him in charge of naming the animals.  As he is going about this job, God decides that man needs a "help meet".  These words in the Hebrew are "ezer" and "neged" and involve the wife being a perfect opposite or counterpart to her husband in a helping role that is absolutely necessary.  A counterpart is something that closely resembles something else, it fits with or completes the function of the other item.  This is how I visualize this day in my romanticized imagination.  As Adam begins to name the animals, he notices a trend, as two by two they walk by for their turn to receive a title.  Male and female, male and female, walking together in beautiful fellowship.  As Adam watches this, he starts to see a pattern.  All these animals have a partner, someone to share their specific life with. Next, we see God say,  "It is not good that man should be alone.  I will create a helper and counterpart for him."  He sends Adam into a deep sleep, takes a rib from the side of man, and begins to work.  As Eve emerges from the perfectly skilled hands of her Creator, Adam utters the three words that every woman dreams of hearing..."you complete me".  Ladies, do you fully understand the magnitude of your creation?  Do you fully comprehend the purpose you have in your marriage?  Quit trying to make your husband be like you.  Quit trying to form him into something he's not.  You are SUPPOSED to be different, you are SUPPOSED to be opposites.  It is in this part opposite roles that you complete one another the way God originally intended it.  Instead of working to change your husband, work on loving him more for who he is.  Work on celebrating the counterpart God gave you, and experience a depth of your marriage that you don't even know exists yet.  Complete each other!

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