Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Real Me

Who am I?

This question has been plaguing me lately.  Not because I don’t know who I am, but because I don’t know that others know who I am.  You’re going to have to stick with me here to follow my train of thought, because I’m pretty sure the conductor of this train went on strike….

When you turn your life to Christ, He gets in there and starts to do a work on you that transforms you into someone you didn’t even know existed.  It is a glorious, beautiful, supernatural, amazing process that starts the day you got saved.  Those who knew you before you were saved will witness this transformation.  They will see the power of God in your life, whether they accept it for themselves or not.  But, what about those who didn’t know you before?  They didn’t see the hot mess you were before.  They didn’t witness the struggles in your life to appreciate the transformation that has begun.
Have you ever met someone and thought, “that girl has got it together, she must have an easy life.”  You compare her joy to your sorrow.  Her confidence to your brokenness.  Her blessings to your pain.  Maybe it’s a teacher at church, or at a conference you attend, or maybe it’s the Christian girl at work.  You look at her and think nothing bad has ever happened to that girl or she wouldn’t be so happy and peaceful.

Are you sure about that?  Do you think that about me?

Who am I?

I am a broken mess of a woman.  I have 38 years of TRIALS.  I know what it’s like to feel abandoned; over and over again.  I know instability.  I know what it’s like to have a father who couldn’t stay out of jail most of my life.  I know grief.  I know what it feels like to lose the ones closest to me.  I know poverty.  I know how it feels to lose a baby in miscarriage.  I know health problems.  I know the fear of thinking your son isn’t going to make it through the night the day he’s born.  I know what it’s like to grow up in a broken home… twice in my childhood.  I know loss.  I know abuse.  I know what it’s like to have alcoholic parents.  I know the feeling of lying awake all night worried about where they were.  I know fear.  I know pain.  I know brokenness.  I know hopelessness.  But this is not who I am.

Who am I?
I am a child of the One true God.  I am His masterpiece, created to do good works that He has established for me.  I know JESUS.  I know HOPE.  I know JOY.  I know PEACE.  I know HEALING.  I know CONTENTMENT.  I know POWER.  I know CONFIDENCE.  I know TRUE LOVE.  I know FORGIVENESS.  This is who I am.  This is the woman that you think doesn’t have any reason to be a bitter mess.  I have plenty of reasons… BUT GOD.   This is the woman that looks like she has it all together.  I don’t… BUT GOD.  This is the woman who is witnessing transformation happen in her parents lives and I am so proud of them!  I get to share their joy because their past is not who I am.  I know REDEMPTION.  I am a child of the One true God.

So, who are you?

Are you broken, or are you healed?  Are you hopeless or hopeful?  Are you bitter or joyful?  I am living proof that you do not have to live in the shadows of a broken life.  Through Jesus Christ and HIM ALONE you can be made whole.  He will make you more than a conqueror as you continue to submit to His will and allow Him to transform you into the confident Christian woman that you never thought you could be.  It all starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Ask Him to forgive you.  Give your life over to Him and then OBEY what He says in His Word to do. 

I’m here to help.  If you need to talk, please send me an email to I would love to pray for you!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

4 Steps to Take When You Feel Anxious

Anxiety.  What thoughts does that word stir up in your mind?  What feelings are triggered when you think about it?  Maybe you go into a panic attack just thinking about it.  Anxiety is not a new emotion, it is in fact one that is well known and felt among most of humankind.  Millions of people of all ages battle some sort of anxiety at some point in their lives.  There are thousands and thousands of blogs, medical journals, magazines, etc. with their sure-fire ways to battle anxiety.  I’ve read many of them, but they all seem to fall short of true help.  There are many band-aid fixes, and some legitimate options for stress relief that I've used myself and in and of themselves aren’t bad ideas. 

As a Christian who desires to experience everything God has prepared for me in this life and the next, I want His answers.  I know that He is the only one who can provide ultimate, long-lasting peace to calm any anxious thought that may take over my life.  So, I dug back into scripture with the purpose of finding a sort of “game plan” to counterattack anxiety when it rears its ugly head.  I went back to pages of scripture that I know so well I can quote chapter and verse.  The pages are so covered in notes you can barely read it anymore.  But read it I did, and I dug deeper than ever before.  

Before I share the steps that I came up with, I make the following disclaimer: This is one idea taken from truths I’ve learned through years of studies.  They are not profound, they are simply practical enough for my brain to wrap around.  This is not a magic formula for anyone and everyone to get rid of severe anxiety issues in an instant.  This is meant first and foremost for those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ as God, Lord, and Savior.  If you have never repented (turned from) your sin and invited Jesus to be your savior, I urge you to do that now!  If you have questions about it, I would be happy to talk with you.  For those of you who know Him and follow Him, I hope this will encourage you to take a step closer to Christ and away from the anxiety that wants to overtake you.  You DO NOT have to be a slave to anxiety!  Jesus is the ONLY answer and He wants you to be free!  Find a good biblical counseling center if you need to, talk to your pastor, or if you don’t have a church, email me at and I would be honored to talk with you.

I was only in a few passages, but I spent a lot of time in them.  I still don’t have all the answers, but this round of study led me to a very vital connection that I don’t remember noticing in the past.  Through Philippians 4, I also looked at Hebrews 13:5.  I was in several others as well, but the connection I want to discuss today was made in these two passages.  What we are really searching for in the escape of anxiety, is peace.  We want to experience the peace of God that passes all understanding.  I knew the verse so well.  I knew that I was not to be anxious about anything.  God says, don’t be anxious.  Instead, be thankful, prayerful, make my requests known to God.  And, that’s where I always stopped.  I mean, I’ve read the rest very often, but I never connected the dots.  As Paul continues his letter and unravels his thought process, he gives us a great list telling us what to replace our anxious thoughts with.  Don’t be anxious, instead think on these things.  It’s in the next few verses though that I had my “aha” moment.  Philippians 4:10-13 talks about being content.  The ever-famous, often mis-contextualized verse “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” is found in this section.  Does it seem impossible to let go of anxiety?  Do you find it difficult to be content in EVERY circumstance?  Is it possible that the lack of peace we often feel is actually a lack of contentment?  Mind. Blown. 

So, being the practical application junkie that I am, I needed a system.  I wanted a biblical based grounding exercise to get my mind back to where it needs to be when I am overcome with anxiety.  This is what I came up with.  It may not be for everyone, but I am hoping that it helps someone!

1.       Find three things you can touch.  Now tell God how thankful you are for those three things.  Express your gratitude to the one who gives EVERY blessing you have.
2.      Name three things that you wish you could change about your circumstance.  Now, ask God to forgive any discontentment you have about these things.  Confide in Him that you want these things to change, but ask Him to have His will in the situation.
3.      Think about three things that are true about God and quote any scriptures that come to your memory.  Thank Him for who He is.
4.      Breathe and ask God for His peace to fill you, guarding your heart and mind as you let go of your will and rest in the perfect will of God.